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You can expect your session to last anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on your needs. Andrew takes the time needed to bring out the best sides of all your personality, from the Good Samaritan to the Silly Goose to the Devil’s Advocate. Andrew will give you a crash course in how to look better in photos and direct you with surgical precision to sculpt you with light and bring out your best features. During the shoot we stop and look at the images to better determine the viability of the photos and move forward in the direction your brand demands. Once the shoot is over we will look at the photos to harvest the crème of the crop, so you know exactly what you’re walking away with. Additional photos may be posted to an online gallery for further purchases.

General Appearance


Come in as if you were coming into an interview and want giving your best first impression, giving a speech, or trying to look your best on a hot night out. I don’t charge for different looks so feel free to bring the clothes you love, but please see the suggestions below.


Lotion: We recommend applying lotion twice a day to the face starting a few days before the shoot, until the day of the shoot. It gives skin the natural glowing look that we strive for.


Clothing: Solid colors work best. For your headshots we want to focus on you. Avoid plaid, checkered, flowery, polka dot, frilled material, patterned or intricate designs can be distracting and take away focus from your beautiful face, so be mindful when choosing your wardrobe.


Jewelry: PersonallyI prefer no jewelry as it distracts from your natural beauty. If it’s a must, I would suggest small studs and minimalist style jewelry where possible. However it is your brand and ultimately up to you.


Hair: Getting your hair professionally done is highly recommended. Come in with the main look you’d like to display to your clients and if you'd like a different look later you can change it. Please bring hair ties, brushes, and hair product as needed for the looks you want to do.

Makeup for women: LESS IS MORE!

Having your make-up done professionally is highly recommended.


Let me repeat. 




I have a make-up artist (Angie) I use and prefer as she has the knowledge to apply makeup that is complimentary to headshots. 


She does an absolutely fantastic job and her rates are quite reasonable. (See below for rates.)

If you plan to do your own makeup please let me know so we can talk about how we can create the best outcome.


Glowing, natural-looking skin is what we want to push for. 

Makeup for Men: DON'T. Unless you wear eyeliner or other makeup as part of your day-to-day look, we highly suggest coming in natural. 


Facial Hair: If you have a little scruff and want to come in with it that’s ok. You can shave part way through if that's something you'd like to do. Please bring the necessary items you need to groom yourself.

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ANgie Mejia

Make-up and Hair Artist





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